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Lakeview Civic Improvement Association

Parking Suggestions

Frequent violations include the following:

  • Obstructing fire lanes or driveways
  • Being within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Being within 20 feet of corners or crosswalks
  • Parking in bus zones, cab zones, or loading areas
  • Parking on a parade route within two hours of starting time
  • Parking on major streets during rush hours (7-9AM; 4-6PM)
  • Parking on street cleaning days (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6AM-12PM)
  • Parking at meters wrapped in bags during special events and broken meters
  • Parking within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
  • On-street parking for more than 24 hours
  • Parking vehicles bigger than 22 feet in the Central Business District overnight
  • Parking on a narrow street without leaving 10 feet of roadway
  • Parking over 18 inches from a curb
  • Possessing 3 or more unpaid violations

Be sure NOT to:

  • Park against the flow of traffic
  • Park within 3 feet of a driveway or across from a driveway (even your own) 
  • Park within 20 feet of an intersection, a crosswalk, or traffic signal (i.e. stop sign) 
  • Park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Park blocking a sidewalk–even if it is part of your own driveway
  • Park no more than two (2) hours in a Residential Parking Permit Zone.
  • Leave your valuables unattended–in your vehicle.

Other useful information:

City of New Orleans Parking Division – Department of Public Works
1340 Perdido Street, RM. 8th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 658-8200


*By providing this information, LCIA, its board and committee chairs take no responsibility for any changes, updates, errors, or omissions to this publication. To find the most current parking rules, please go to: Select “Browse the Library,” then select “Louisiana,” then select “New Orleans,” then select “View New Orleans Code of Ordinances,” then select “Part II – Code,” then select “Chapter 154 – Traffic and Vehicles.”