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Lakeview Civic Improvement Association



LCIA makes the safety and welfare of our residents and business a top priority. The LCIA Safety Committee works closely with our 3rd District Officers as well as the Lakeview Crime Prevention District to keep our residents updated with vital information on crime trends, crime prevention, and all related issues. However, LCIA lacks enforcement powers and does not employ additional patrols. Instead, Lakeview property owners, through a per-parcel payment of an ad valorem property tax, fund additional NOPD officers to patrol exclusively the Lakeview neighborhood through the Lakeview Crime Prevention District. A decade ago, Lakeview voters voted to approve the legistlation and the related parcel tax to create and fund this vital district. Since the creation of the Lakeview Crime Prevention District, crime has been reduced by over 200%. To help residents and businesses understand the Lakeview Crime Prevention District (commony known as “LCPD” or the “District”), pleaes carefully review the following information.

Boundaries and Purpose of the LCPD

The boundary begins at City Park Ave. and Orleans Ave. and proceeds west along City Park Ave. to the Pontchartrain Expressway.  At that point, the boundary continues north to the intersection of Veterans Memorial Blvd., then west to 17th St. and then north to Lake Pontchartrain.  At that point, the boundary continues east to West End Blvd and then south to Robert E. Lee Blvd.  The boundary continues east to Orleans Ave. and then turns south to City Park Ave back to the beginning. To view a copy of the LCPD map, please click here. The District’s purpose “shall be to aid in crime prevention and to aid in the security of district residents by providing for an increase in the presence of law enforcement personnel in the district.”

LCPD Board and Monthly Meetings

The District is governed by a board of eleven (11) commissioners as specified in the law that governs the district, which is La. Revised Statute 33:9091.1.  To view a copy of LCPD legislation, please click here. The Board is advised by a board-appointed accountant and attorney and convenes on the fourth Thursday of every month except for July and December. There is no meeting in July and December and the November meeting is often re-scheduled due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The Board meets from 6 p.m. to approximately 7 p.m. in the St. Dominic Church Priory 775 Harrison Ave. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend each LCPD meeting.

The agenda generally includes a briefing on past crimes, recent crime trends, if any, “old” and “new” business as determined by the board and financial and, as necessary, legal reports. The meeting generally concludes with questions and comments from the public. All members of the board shall own property within the district. Members of the board shall serve without compensation and are prohibited by law from receiving reimbursement for expenses.

LCPD Budget

The District is funded by an annual fee imposed on each improved parcel located within the District, with each owner of the parcel shall be responsible for payment of the fee. The fee is collected by the City of New Orleans when it issues its annual property tax bills.  98% of the funds are expensed to patrol with the remaining amounts going toward legal and accounting fees only. The District’s budget is adopted annually by the Board of Commissioners.  The budget and all amendments shall be subject to approval by the New Orleans City Council. The District’s budget shall be subject to audit by the legislative auditor.

Parcel Fee

The parcel fee is presently $125.00 per year per improved and unimproved parcel of real estate. As indicated, the fee is collected by the City of New Orleans and remitted to the district not more than sixty days after collection. The City of New Orleans may retain 1% of the amount collected a collection fee. The fee is labeled “LAKEVIEW” or in some similar fashion on the annual City of New Orleans - Real Estate Tax Bill sent to each owner of the improved parcel.

LCPD Commander, Officers, and Patrols

The LCPD contracts with the City of New Orleans to provide law enforcement personnel. The contract that the LCPD commander must hold the rank of sergeant or higher in the New Orleans Police Department. Per the contract with the City of New Orleans, the LCPD and the City of New Orleans mutually agree as to who shall be the LPCD Commander. The commander of the LCPD is assigned full-time to the LCPD. The salary of the Commander of the LCPD is paid by the City of New Orleans per the LCPD contract with the City, with the LCPD’s reimbursing the City for this salary. The Commander selects and supervises the officers who patrol the District. The Commander reviews crime activity and budget to determine the number of officers scheduled on each 4-hour shift. The Commander uses his best efforts to fills any shift where an officer, for whatever reason, does not work. The Commander reports to the Board of Commissioners on monthly crime statistics and crime trends.

LCPD officers are selected from any district in the New Orleans Police Department. Approximately thirty-four (34) officers have worked the patrols. The Officers are paid per the contract with the City of New Orleans, which invoices the District. An officer may work as many four-hour shifts as the Commander deems fit to schedule as long as the officer does not exceed 16 hours of overtime per pay period as mandated by New Orleans Police Department rules and regulations. The Offices can opt not to work a shift for any or no reason. The Officers are not reprimanded when they do not appear for a shift.  But, any officer’s failure to appear does not allow them any opportunity for overtime compensation. The Commander also has the authority to replace an officer for cause.

LCPD patrols are proactive and supplemental to coverage already provided by the Third District, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. An LCPD officer on duty responds to a call with the Third District officer. When the scene is secured, Third District officer writes the report and follows up. The 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. shift may have two officers per 4-hour shift.  The 11 p.m. - 3 a.m. shift may have three to four officers.  The 3 a.m. - 7 a.m. may have three officers. The actual number of officers per shift depends on the crime activity and budget.

LCPD Vehicles

The LCPD has six (6) patrol cars and two (2) unmarked cars, in addition to one (1) truck, for a total of nine (9) vehicles. The numbers may change over time depending on need, funding, and age of the vehicles. The City of New Orleans maintains insurance in regard to the vehicles.  However, the LCPD budget also includes liability and/or other applicable insurance maintained by the District. The District purchases the vehicles, but they are maintained by the City of New Orleans per the contract with the City. When not on patrol, the vehicles are at the 3rd District site at 4650 Paris Avenue. The vehicles are painted as any other NOPD vehicle, but on each rear door is a red egg-shaped logo with white letters –“LCPD” – inside the logo. “Lakeview Crime Prevention District” is printed in black under the logo.

For more information on the Lakeview Crime Prevention District, please go here.