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Lakeview Civic Improvement Association

Zoning Information

Many of the questions our organization fields from residential and commercial property owners relate to zoning. This is particularly so since Hurricane Katrina. Instead of simply providing them with a phone number of the offices within city government that handle these issues, our organization provides useful resources to homeowners and businesses to help them nagivate the process. We accomplish this through our Zoning Committee.

Our Zoning Committee is made of up architects, appraisers, engineers and commercial property experts who are extremely knowledgeable about zoning ordinances and other laws that apply to the construction of both residential and commercial property. Its members meet once a month and provide useful information to homeowners and busineses often seeking a change in zoning status or a variance from zoning laws. The Zoning Committee weighs in on these types of requests from homeowners and businesses and provides its recommendation to the appropriate City Agency or Board. A homeowner or business is strongly encouraged to use the resources of this Committee not only to provide information on laws that might affect their particular project but because City Agencies and Boards often look to the Zoning Committee's recomemndations as to zoning changes and variances.

Our Zoning Committee also investigates these complants, reports valid complaints to the appropriate City personnel, reports back to the individual or business who initially lodged the complaint and follows through with the City. The committee has NO ENFORCEMENT authortiy. However, it acts as an effective voice for the community to make sure these issues are addressed by the City in a timely manner. To contact the Zoning Committee, click here.

City Resources

To access the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance ("CZO"), go here.