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Alley Grading In Lakeview

As you are probably aware we have been trying to get the City to grade the Lakeview alleys for a very long time. The issue always seemed to be that the alley grader was broken and there was no money to fix it. In our Lakeview Street Maintenance District proposal, we included the purchase of an alley grader, which would be exclusively used in Lakeview. This proposal was defeated at the polls by the residents and so no alley grading continued. Early this year we came up with a low cost option for grading the alleys using a bobcat. A few residents had tried this on their own yielding good though temporary relief. Although this approach was not considered a permanent long term solution, we believed that grading the alleys with a bobcat would provide temporary relief in the most severe cases and general improvement to all the alleys.  In March we presented this idea to CM Guidry and DPW Director LTC Jernigan. The idea was well received by the City. Instead they favored using the alley grader, which they advised would be fixed “soon”. At the meeting we also learned that the City had a priority list of alleys, which they plan to move forward with. They also offered to include any alley priorities we may have. We offered to survey the alleys and report back to the City our grading priorities. The City shared their priorities with us.

Since the meeting, we learned that 7 alleys have already been graded in Lakeview. They are:

  • 4-08-14  -  6307 Canal Blvd/Harrison-Bragg

  • 4-08-14  -  6761  Louis XIV/Filmore-Chapelle

  • 3-27-14  -  6465 Canal Blvd/Bragg/Lane

  • 3-27-14  -  907 Harrison/Harrison-French

  • 3-25-14  -  910 Harrison/to Bragg on side

  • 1-17-14  -  6424 Gen. Haig/Bragg-Lane

  • 1-06-14  -  5949 Gen. Haig/Polk-Brooks

We also have learned that the City alley grading priorities are as follows:

  1. 6500 Argonne
  2. Harrison alleys from French to Bragg  (2) blocks.
  3. 6465 Canal Blvd.
  4. 6424 Gen Haig
  5. 6535 Argonne
  6. 6500 Gen Diaz
  7. 6653 Gen Haig
  8. 6738 Gen Haig 
  9. 6749 Gen Haig
  10. 6936 Argonne Blvd.

The bottom line is that at the time of this writing (May 12th 2014) we believe that we are getting some attention to our alleys. However, please know that the alley grader is used citywide and will probably only be deployed in Lakeview about 20% of time. That will make our alley grading very slow going. We ask that if you have an especially damaged alley, report it to the City by dialing 311 but also please report it to us so that we can add it to the City’s priority list. Also, if you notice the alley grader at work in Lakeview, please report the location to us so that we can track progress on this important Lakeview issue. Our email is

Tom Schnatz

Blight Committee Chairman