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Established in 1924, Lakeview Civic Improvement Association has been the leading voice for our residents and businesses. We strive to improve the quality of life in our community. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have lived here for generations, Lakeview is home.

Letter from LCIA President Trey Babin
January 2020

As having the honor of serving as the incoming President of LCIA, I would like to start the New Year by thanking all of the members of LCIA, especially Committee Members and volunteers, for another amazing year in Lakeview. It is these folks whose hard work on all of the events and projects throughout the year helps Lakeview remain the most unique and unrivaled neighborhood in the city.

I would like to give a thank you to our Board members and special recognition to our out-going President, Rory Bellina (as well as his wife Danielle) for his time and dedication to improving the Lakeview Community over the past two years. Rory led us through many difficult issues facing the community and did it with great leadership that I will strive to match. I would also like to thank our outgoing board members, Kevin Barraco, Marcelle Brinks, and Melissa Watkins for all of their hard work, time and effort during their tenure on the Board. Lastly, I would like to welcome our new board members -Jessica Becker, Graham Ryan, and Adam Stumpf – the Board and I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

I moved to Lakeview over 20 years ago. I did not grow up in New Orleans, but it did not take me long after moving to New Orleans to realize that Lakeview was the place that I, like many of you, wanted to live and make my roots. My wife Lisa and I have been blessed with two children who were born here, went to school here, and raised here. Lakeview is the place we all have made lifelong friends. I would not trade my time here for anything in the world and I am sure many of you have the same feelings.

Lakeview is a special place for one reason – the people. And not just the people, but their constant effort and involvement in making the Community what it is today. For LCIA, the collective effort of our members is at the heart of our work and mission. It is this collective effort that sets Lakeview apart from all of the other neighborhoods and what makes us the neighborhood that others would like to emulate.

I would invite all members to become more involved in the resolution of issues facing Lakeview. By becoming involved as a committee member or volunteer, you are asking not What is LCIA doing for me?” but rather What can I do to help improve Lakeview?” It is this attitude upon which Lakeview has built its foundation over the years, and upon which it will continue to thrive and prosper. We have numerous committees available for volunteers including blight, communications, greenspace, membership, safety, and zoning, in addition to committees for our annual events the Harrison Stroll, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Picnic, and Holidays on Harrison just to name a few.

We welcome the time and support that any members would be willing and able to provide for these committees.

As we usher in a new decade, we look forward to meeting our new neighbors, and maintaining our relationships with our old friends. We welcome our new business neighbors and wish them success in their ventures. We appreciate the work of our elected officials and look forward to working with them on the difficult issues we may confront in the future.

I will continue to reach out to each member, via these letters, and look forward to hearing what issues you may have concerning Lakeview, and hopefully we can come to a resolution of those issues. If you have any questions, issues, comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at

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