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Established in 1924, Lakeview Civic Improvement Association has been the leading voice for our residents and businesses. We strive to improve the quality of life in our community. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or have lived here for generations, Lakeview is home.

Letter from LCIA President Rory Bellina
March/April 2018

Our Board is constantly listening to your feedback and trying to find ways to better engage and assist our residents and businesses. In the past, our meetings were typically a one-way dialogue where we presented to you on various topics and things occurring in the neighborhood, but only very leaving limited time for interaction or discussion with our membership. Well, we are changing that. For our next meeting and going forward, we will have tables set up for every one of our committees, from community activities to zoning, infrastructure to crime. Want to know what restaurant or building is being built? Come ask zoning. Why does your block has a construction sign but no activity for months? Ask infrastructure. Want to get an email every time a crime occurs near your house? Go to safety and get on their email list. Overgrown grass next door? Come report that to blight. If you have a question regarding anything occurring in Lakeview, we will have someone to answer it.

These tables will be staffed by our committee and board members who are the most knowledgeable on the respective area and will be available beginning thirty minutes before the meeting, during the meeting, and shortly after. When our meeting is called to order, I will present an abbreviated agenda highlighting all of the new things occurring in the neighborhood, like all of new businesses and restaurants, an update on the street repairs, how we are doing on crime, and new community activities.

Our goal with this redesign is to have more interaction with our membership, to answer your questions, and to present you with information that you want to hear about and may not hear about otherwise. Like this idea? Hate it? Want to hear an update about a specific topic or have a question? Please let us know and feel free to email me at We will continue to listen to your feedback and strive to improve our meetings and their benefit to you.

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